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Simple cards kids can make...

holly rose

January is a busy time of birthday celebrations in our house so we have been concentrating on making 'thankyou' cards for the family. You can use this idea for any occasion including Valentines Day (is it nearly that time already?!?).


You will need...

White paper/card

Watercolour paper (or any rough texture paper/card)

Paints (any colours!), mixed with water

Brushes, sponges, cotton wool etc

Cookie cutter shapes (we used hearts and stars)



Make your own paint brushes with sponges on pegs. Try using some cotton wool and packaging peanuts too!

Make your own paint brushes with sponges on pegs. Try using some cotton wool and packaging peanuts too!

Using some watercolour paper or rough textured papers such as sugar paper, let the fun begin! This is quite a messy activity but by providing a range of brushes for little ones to explore it should keep them interested and entertained. My kids were intrigued by the sponges on pegs which allowed maximum paint coverage on the paper (and all over me of course!). Sponges with textures and soft scourers are items you can find around the home and are easy to clean, plus they create some interesting patterns on paper.

Mixing your paints with a bit of water allows the colours to mix without in becoming too much of a splodgy brown mess. Try and choose colours that work well together and perhaps throw in another colour to jazz it up. We chose blues and greens with a dash of pink.

Splodge painting with the watercolours!

Splodge painting with the watercolours!

Once dried, we used the cookie cutters to draw a shape selecting areas of the cards with the most colour and texture. My youngest (aged 2.5years) found this a bit tricky but gave it a good go. I often find when crafting with little ones it is best to have some extra pens and paper to hand for times when they need to wait for us big people to fiddle about making things look pretty. On this occasion she was in charge of glue mixing whilst I cut out the shapes.

cookie cutter painted shapes

Add a dab of glue to your painted shapes and stick onto folded card or paper! Make sure to keep some for you to keep as they are a nice way to treasure your children's artwork.

The final cards with swirly patterns and textures!

The final cards with swirly patterns and textures!

The finished cards will each be unique. Great for sending out to the family on birthdays, valentines, easter, christenings, weddings or any occasion!