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Fizzy Fireworks! Painting Ideas for Kids!

holly rose


Huge bonfires, freezy toes and muddy wellies, explosive fireworks, toffee apples and treats! Just a few of my childhood memories, celebrating Guy Fawkes night here in Britain on the 5th November! This time of year basically gives you an excuse to use lots of glitter at any opportunity so here are some ideas to get you started using splodgy, sparkly painting techniques with the kids!


As always, we try and use household, cheap tools to create lots of painting effects:

- Cardboard tubes can be cut down to make explosive shapes,

- Pipe cleaners knotted together to use as stamps.

- Plastic forks and scrubbing sponges create great textured effects.

- Spatulas, potato mashers and large spoons are great for BIG splodgy painting!

- You can even try rummaging around in the garden for some flower heads with spiky and interesting shapes! A creative reason to get outside in this chilly weather and explore!


Use a selection of bright colours, orange, pinks, yellows and reds are a good starting point. We tried adding a bit of foam to our paints for an added 3D effect plus plenty of glitter.

TIP: Adding glitter to the paint BEFORE helps to prevent it getting everywhere as it sticks to the paint rather than flying about across the room!


Use a range of papers to experiment with colour. Foil and black papers work really well to highlight bright and neon paint colours.


For the really brave, go BIG and paint with spray bottles and large paper. Kids love to see the effects of this painting style, watching colours mix and run on the papers.


Modelling clay is another creative option to explore with kids. The squishy texture works well with the paint and you can use a range of star shaped cutters for a firework effect. Here we have used dried spaghetti for extra explosive effects and to explore mark making techniques!

Have fun and remember, remember the 5th of November!