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Felt is the EASIEST way to make some fun crafts with simply a pair of scissors and maybe a pencil (if you are feeling accurate!). Here we are discovering old stories on a rainy day in half term and having fun with colourful designs plus designing new book characters...


We have all been's the first day of the holidays and the kids are already bored. Felt is a great craft alternative when you basically cannot face getting out the glue, tablecloth, paints or anything messy but need to keep your little ones busy for an hour or more.

Choose a couple of books which you and your children love to read. We picked the familiar tale of 'Goldilocks & The Three Bears' plus a family favourite 'Hooray for Fish' by Lucy Cousins. The illustration style of these books appeal to us as they are bright, easy to follow and full of emotion, fun and a little bit quirky.

You will need...

Felt sheets (purchase packs of these in any craft store)




Use this an opportunity to discuss the pictures, talking about favourite shapes, designs and allow your little one to work on their colour matching skills!

Simply start cutting out basic shapes for the kids to fill in with the details. We started off with the face of 'Goldilocks' and ended up making 'Grandad' and our own edition of the family 'Harry dog!'.

Older children can work on their scissor control by cutting out their own shapes and for younger children who cannot yet use scissors, it is a good idea to provide a pre-cut selection of felt for them to choose from such as squares, lines, circles and a random selection of off-cuts so they can be creative.

You do NOT need glue as the idea is to move elements around and try out new ideas each time you use the felt.

'Goldilocks' (okay so she may have been a bit too eager with the sunbed!)

'Goldilocks' (okay so she may have been a bit too eager with the sunbed!)

Cut out the basic shapes and let little ones fill in the designs...

Cut out the basic shapes and let little ones fill in the designs...

This simple activity provided plenty of story telling fun which can be used over and over. Felt offers great open ended play without boundaries and encourages discussion and imagination.