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holly rose

A fun memory making activity for kids using simple materials and found, treasured objects. Make these to keep or give as personal gifts to family members such as Fathers/Mothers Day, Christmas etc. These jars are also ideal to make at the beginning of a new year or at the end of the summer holidays so kids can look back and reflect on how much they have grown!


This project encourages kids to think about collecting and storing their memories and experiences. Just imagine how exciting it will be to open in a year’s time!

You Will Need...

·         A glass jar, box or tube for the time capsule

·         Coloured pens and  pencils

·         A colourful range of tissue, cards and papers

·         String

·         Cellotape

·         PVA glue

·         Paint colour(s) and paintbrush

·         Personal objects & photos to put into your time capsule

·         Parcel tag

·         Decorating items i.e. sequins, glitter and collage.

·         Optional: Modelling clay.


Start with finding a suitable ‘vessel’ to store your memories. A decorated glass jar, tin can or simple show box will make a pretty keepsake. The idea is to create a time capsule that you can easily open in a year’s time or even add things to as the year goes by as a sort of ‘visual diary’.

Get creative and make your mark with a hand and foot prints using paints. You could even trace around your hand and fill the shape with images that tell a story about who you are. A mini self portrait!


Think about adventures you may have had, days out, friends you have made and new skills you have learned. Choose objects and gems that reflect this. Some examples; Natural  materials and objects you have collected such as shells, pebbles, pine cones and dried flowers and feathers, tickets  from days out, newspaper and magazine stories, interesting stamps from letters and postcards, poems, coins, small toys and figurines, record  journeys you have made and places you have visited on a map.


Finally, finish off with a photo of yourself. You could even include a family photo so that you have included everyone!


Further Ideas & Tips:

Experiment with modelling clay create a personal ‘badge’ to add to your time capsule. Include different icons, colours and images that describe you. Add lots of texture, sequins and patterns to make it interesting. Once dried clay can be varnished.